Business Energy Barometer - Industry and Services

 Barómetro Energia Empresas - Indústria e Serviços

Business Energy Barometer - Industry and Services

The consumption of electricity and gas by companies plays a very important role in commercial operations, directly influencing competitiveness, operational costs, and the environmental impact of organizations.

DATA E's Business Energy Barometer (BEB), aims to characterize the electricity and gas market from the perspective of the study's subjects, Industry and Services companies.

Specifically, this study aims to address a wide range of questions, including trends in electricity and gas consumption by these companies, the existence of energy efficiency practices in reducing consumption, and the adoption of more sustainable energy sources such as renewable energies.

The level of satisfaction with the current electricity and gas supplier, brand loyalty, and operator recommendation are other topics addressed in this study.

DATA E's BEB Study will certainly complement the knowledge that electricity and gas suppliers have regarding the current and future scenario of consumption by companies, allowing them to learn about and identify new business opportunities.

As a basis for support and analysis of the study universes, DATA E regularly acquires databases from competent official entities related to the Portuguese business fabric. These databases are structured and analyzed to ensure the correct dimensioning and distribution of the samples of the studies carried out in the business area.

The results of the Business Energy Barometer - Industry and Services are made available through a Business Intelligence platform called SoftData, developed by DATA E.

In 2023, we launched a new version of SoftData, which aims, among other things, to provide a new, more interactive interface for consulting and prioritizing the topics covered in the study, faster calculations, and new outputs in terms of tables and graphs.

Users can access the study results through the structured base report, called SoftData Report, which contains methodology and tables organized by the main analysis variables.

Using the algorithm integrated into SoftData, called SoftData Tables, users can cross-tabulate the information and apply filters based on the study's analysis variables. This new algorithm makes it possible to carry out evolutionary and segmented analyses of up to eight waves of the study.

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