Market Research

Market Research

Market Research

DATA E is mainly focused on conducting quantitative studies, data analysis and processing, statistical analysis, structuring and information management.

  • Customer Satisfaction Index - CSI;
  • Analysis and Monitoring of Competitive Capacity - Mystery Shopper
  • Launch and pre-launch studies for specific products, that need management and processing of primary and secondary data;
  • Studies that, due to their specificity, require the development and/or customization of computer applications;
  • Advertising Recall;
  • Image Studies;
  • Employee satisfaction and motivation studies;
  • Potential market evaluation studies.

Field Department

DATA E has its own collection department and has been investing heavily in it. This space is equipped with the latest IT tools, digital telecommunications and digital audio/video facilities that monitor the interviews in real time (voice and script of the questionnaire and interviewer monitoring) from a remote point.

Because DATA E has its own field department, it allows the company to offer better and faster services to its customers, as it controls both the upstream and downstream processes of the study.

Most commonly used collection methodologies:

  • Telephone interview, using specific networked software (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview - CATI);
  • Personal and direct interview - CAPI;
  • Interview by self-completion of questionnaire, for example through post (mailing);
  • Interview via Internet - CAWI;
  • Interview by observation - Customer Behavior;
  • Collection by simulating purchase/usage - Mystery Shopping;
  • Documentary research from the available sources - Desk-Research.
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