Ad-hoc Studies


Ad-hoc Studies

DATA E has extensive experience in the development and implementation of ad-hoc studies nationally and internationally in the business area, in particular the financial and telecommunications sectors, and in the automotive area, including the fuel and lubricants sectors.

Many of these studies rely on IT solutions, developed by DATA E, amongst which we can highlight the Image Studies and Quality Control; Satisfaction of Sales & After Sales Services; Analysis and Monitoring of Competitive Capacity "Mystery Shopper" and Auditing of Standards and Criteria.

In this context, we would like to emphasize web applications to publish results of a network of retail outlets or after-sales services nation wide, interviews and online data collection with immediate publishing of results, Web development of standards and criteria management systems, for a brand and its distribution network.

Many of these Ad hoc studies conducted by DATA E became multiannual studies, based on a philosophy of partnership with our customers.

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