Business Financial Services Barometer - Banks


Business Financial Services Barometer - Banks

Business Financial Services Barometer - Banks (BFin) is a study that has the main objective of characterizing, from the companies/corporations' point of view, the Portuguese banking sector regarding the products and services offered by banks.

The topics covered in BFin Banks are today a valuable consultation aid, in the analysis and diagnosis for financial institutions operating in Portugal, as well as to get the most out of its product, commercial and communication policies.

DATA E regularly obtains the databases of the Portuguese business sector, from the competent official entities. This is the basis for support and analysis of the universes under study. These databases are structured and analyzed, in order to guarantee the correct sizing and distribution of the samples, for the studies carried out in the business area.

In an increasingly digital and demanding world, DATA E developed a Business Intelligence platform, called SoftData, which allows users to consult the studies from an internet connection and a user authentication.

The platform includes a structured report, called SoftData Report, containig the methodology and cross tables with the main study variables. Through an integrated algorithm, called SoftData Tables, users can cross-tabulate information, include/exclude filters based on the main study variables.

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