Mystery Shopping and Audits


Mystery Shopping and Audits

Mystery Shopping and Audits are qualitative tools for market research whose ultimate objective is to obtain real feedback on the quality of the service provided. In an increasingly competitive market, measuring customer satisfaction using questionnaires is insufficient, insofar as to generate competitive advantage it is necessary to achieve excellence in the service experience, always focusing on the customer.

At DATA E we design and implement Mystery Shopping Visits/Audits programs, according to the requirements and standards of each company/brand, which will contribute to a better image, performance and level of service provided. We help our customers to understand the experiences related to their brands, products or services, also providing reference standards for their brands compared to their competitors.

We provide Individual and global reports, which allow an evolutionary analysis of the results, as well as the details of all variables.

If applicable and the customer needs it, we develop a georeferenced analysis of the brand locations network and their competition, in mainland Portugal.

Through a web platform, our customer can make a characterization of their network versus competition, identify the potential of the location in question and develop local actions to attract new customers for the brand.

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