IT Solutions


IT Solutions

With strong skills in the area of IT, DATA E has developed customised products, offering its customers solutions of high quality and functionality. Two key factors have contributed to this fact:

  1. Usage of standard technologies (Java, XML, SQL, ...) which assure us:
    • Constant development of technologies
    • Backward Compatibility
    • Software Flexibility - "write once, run anywhere"
  2. Usage of robust paradigms which offer us:
    • Fast and inexpensive maintenance
    • Great adaptation of algorithms when redesign of specifications is needed

Some of our solutions



SoftData is a web platform developed by DATA E, which allows a quick and secure availability of the studies we carry out.

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Statistical Car Data

Statiscal Car Data (SCD) is an online platform, developed by DATA E, which allows
you to perform statistical analysis on automotive market data.

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